Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome to the PLAGAL Blog

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,

It is time for a change. Like most 501(c)3 organizations we are faced with the challenges of communicating more efficiently with our membership. We also receive many inquiries about our organization about who we are and what we do. At the 2008 annual meeting a solution was found that would meet both of these needs. We are excited to introduce to you: the PLAGAL blog.

The blog will replace our newsletter, the Memorandum. News will be added as it happens. Speaking engagements will be posted; pride events and other group activities will be placed on the blog in advance allowing those who wish to participate to have all the info they need. Pro-life articles written by board members will be added as well. When PLAGAL is mentioned in an article, another blog, a book etc the link will be placed on the blog for all to see. There will also be an opportunity for individuals to respond to the various articles posted.

We are excited about this change and look forward to a greater participation of our membership and a growth of our organization.


Jen R said...

Hi! Great to see PLAGAL joining the blogging world!

forbesfart said...

PLAGAL keep up the good work.

Ed said...

Great idea for members and help for those who are just thinking about PLAGAL's commitments.

ed r

Sharone said...

So glad to see you all joining the blogosphere! If you need any help, I already contribute to another blog on blogger and would be more than happy to contribute here. Let me know.
Take care!