Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cecilia Brown to give workshop at Pride Coordinators March meeting

Cecilia Brown, the President of PLAGAL, will be presenting a workshop entitled “It’s My Pride Too” during the Northeast Pride Coordinators annual meeting (NERP), March 14, 2009, in Philadelphia.

Interpride is the International Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Coordinators which is responsible for annual gay pride events throughout the world, mostly in the month of June. NERP is a smaller component, and is comprised of the pride coordinators from Northeastern United States (Washington D.C. to Maine) and covers a lot of small celebrations, but does include rather larger ones in Washington, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. NERP’s annual meeting is being hosted this year by the Philly Pride.

This is an excellent opportunity to expose gay pride coordinators to the prolife segment of the gay community which is too often overlooked or ignored. Chuck Volz, a PLAGAL member and senior advisor to the Philly gay pride group, will be moderating the workshop. “As someone with two adopted children, who as a lawyer has represented hundreds of prolifers arrested in rescues at abortion clinics, and who has administered a home for crisis pregnancies for ten years, I am always disappointed by the self-stereotyping of the gay community which portrays us as all ‘pro-choice.’ We are certainly not. And I am happy that we can sensitize my other gay pride coordinators to elements of their community which they may overlook.”

If PLAGAL members want to stop by and support Cecilia at the conference, they are welcomed to do so. Just contact Cecilia at so that she can let Chuck know.

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