Sunday, January 18, 2009

Help needed to produce manual addressing issues of crisis pregnancy and abortion among the LGBTQ youth

Dear PLAGALites,
Happy New Year, and good luck with all the good work you are hoping for!
I mentioned to Cecilia B. my idea for a manual that specifically addresses the issue of crisis pregnancy and abortion among LGBTQ people. She thought it was a good idea. I hope you all do, too. I’d really like to develop such a manual with PLAGAL. There is such a need. A draft outline follows this note.

I envision a manual that could be made available online for free through PLAGAL & through the Nonviolent Choice Directory, and publicized to crisis pregnancy organizations, youth centers, LGBT groups, and the like.

I’m a freelance writer as well as a former social worker in the area of crisis pregnancy and other reproductive counseling, and now editor of the Nonviolent Choice Directory (, a gay-friendly, global listing of abortion-reducing resources. So that’s what I bring to the table. And you all have to offer your diverse insights and experiences with this issue in your own community, which in the end will really be what gives this manual its compassion and moral credibility.

I hope this is a project you all wish to take on!

With love and gratitude,
Mary Krane Derr

Crisis Pregnancy in the Queer Community: A Helpful Guide for LGBTQ People & Allies
A joint project of PLAGAL and the Nonviolent Choice Directory

Introduction (Why this manual. Its intended audiences: LGBTQ persons at risk for or currently experiencing crisis pregnancies; their families and friends; helping professionals & volunteers such as pregnancy counselors or youth caseworkers; LGBTQ people & allies who wish to make a difference on this matter).

--Crisis Pregnancy: A Neglected Problem Among LGBTQ Persons (Research & personal stories establishing crisis pregnancy risk among LGBTQ people, especially youth conflicted over their sexual identities.)
--The Lifesaving, Life-Affirming Power of Acceptance (Acceptance by others and one’s self as a preventive for suicide, substance abuse, sexual abuse, unprotected and risky sex, & other problems with a bearing on the incidence of crisis pregnancy & abortion. Some “how to’s” for achieving acceptance.)
--Prevention (LGBTQ-friendly and unborn child- & mother -friendly sex education. LGBTQ-friendly education on preventive methods & safer sex—here can make room for different perspectives such as pro contraception & pro natural methods. But the subject cannot be ignored, especially since education on prevention is so overwhelmingly geared to heterosexuals.)
--When Crisis Pregnancy Happens: Abortion Alternatives
--Making a Difference (Ways to help relieve the problem of crisis pregnancy & abortion in the LGBTQ community. Will cover, among other things, crisis pregnancy aid, adoption, foster care, and guardianship, advocacy for maternal/child assistance after birth.)


marymac said...

I was deeply saddened today to see the ban on abortion funding lifted today. As a pro-life democrat I feel an added burden of responsibility to promote a understanding of the ways in which all of us are hurt by abortion.
as a non-gay person who is a practicing catholic I am SO disappointed (and frankly embarassed) by Catholic University's stance on your presence at the event they are sponsering.
You can reach so many who would never listen to the sterotypical
'pro-lifer'. There are so many
pro-life people in their own closet-afraid of being judged!help them 'come out'
Please don't give up- you are brave pioneers!! love, marymac

Nathan Will Sheets said...

What are you needing help with? Layout and such? Are you making it into a PDF? I'd be glad to help!

Email me at natewillsheets -at -

Lilliput said...

For the life of me I can understand how Gays and Lesbians can have a crisis pregnancy - please explain?

Cecilia Brown said...

Nathan, We are starting out with a survey to get as much information from individuals as we can. If you look at our latest post you will see the survey. If you could fill it out with your ideas that would be great. Once we get the surveys it will give us a starting point of what we need for our community especially the youth.

Cecilia Brown said...

Lilliput, I am assuming you meant to say that you could NOT understand how lgbt youth could end up in crisis pregnancies. I will point you out to an earlier blog that we posted about the rise in unplanned pregnancies among the youth in the lgbt community. I am not sure of the date but if you look through our older posts you will find it.

I personally have had two crisis pregnancies because I spent my time trying to pretend I was someone I was not. Heterosexual. One ended up in an abortion that I deeply regret and the other resulted in the birth of my beautiful daughter who is now an adult. This is not uncommon especially for lesbians who are my age or older.