Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cecilia Brown on Prolife Unity Radio

On June 20, 2009 Cecilia Brown, President of PLAGAL, was on Prolife Unity radio. You can here portions of the interview at


Jen R said...

That one guy who kept insinuating that PLAGAL was at the March to promote an "agenda" (unlike every other groups that's there with a banner) was just infuriating. It sounds like he just doesn't like or trust gay people, period. Why bring up people taking off their clothes at Pride parades? Why claim that your beliefs are "totally opposite" Nellie Gray's (not on abortion they're not, and I *thought* the March was supposed to be about abortion).

Good for you for hanging in there and sticking up for non-conservative-Christian participation in the pro-life movement.

Cecilia Brown said...

They are missing the whole point of why we carry our banner. Many prolifers and prochoicers alike believe that all LGBT individuals are prochoice. Our presence with our banner tells them otherwise. It is an outward sign to all that you just never know where an individual stands on a particular issue and that you cannot put people in neat little boxes and pretend you know what they believe.