Friday, January 22, 2010

Topic of forced abortions on Private Practice

If you did not get to see the January 21, 2010 episode of Private Practice I suggest you do. Many people when talking about the abortion debate seldom mention a dirty little secret of forced abortions. In this episode of Private Practice, one character who is very pro life finds out her teenage daughter is pregnant. She loses her head and tries to force her daughter into an abortion that is not wanted by the daughter. It was a great episode. If nothing else it is a great conversation starter on the issue of forced abortions.

On the issue of forced abortions, there is only one group that I know of that is taking on the issue head on. The Elliot Institute is working on a campaign called,

Abortion the unchoice
unwanted, unsafe, unfair

You can check out their website at


Marysia said...

Allegedly prolife parents who brutalize their daughters who become pregnant are a big cause of abortion, especially in communities where the appearance of "sexual purity" outweighs the responsibility to affirm the lives of one's child & grandchild.

Cecilia Brown said...

I don't understand the sexual purity thing. You would think the right to life would be more important. It kind of reminds me of the article that I read recently about Randall Terry. He banned his two pregnant teenage daughters from his home, and he is considered a prolife leader? Speaking as a grandmother, when my daughter became pregnant I offered all the help I could if she would have the baby. I have raised my grandson since his birth. If that is what it took to save his life then so be it. I would not have it any other way. He is wonderful and the love I have for him immense.

For those interested in the article about Randall Terry which I made mention in this blog, the title of the article is Randall Terry- Faux-Life leader. You can view it at

Marysia said...

Thanks Cecilia for publicizing the article.

Your grandson is a beautiful little child who is lucky to have your love and devotion to him.

I never understood the sexual "purity" thing either.

Cecilia Brown said...

Thank You Marysia. To be honest with you it is I who is blessed.

nissa_amas_katoj said...

How common is it for a person who has personally been 'prolife' (taken a prolife action, bought a prolife bumper sticker) to try to force an abortion on his/her daughter? Has it ever actually happened? (I think some people are mistakenly considering all Catholics or all Christians from an Evangelical church background as 'prolife'.)

The propaganda makers take it as fact that opponents of abortion are rigid, controlling parents who will either force their daughters NOT to get an abortion or in some cases force an abortion on them. They wouldn't dare depict a normal forced abortion situation--- in which the forcer/coercer does not see anything particularly wrong about abortions.

Cecilia Brown said...

Though it is not as common I am sure it happens more than people know. Especially if someone is prominant in a community that sexual abstinance is the only thing taught. In thier eyes it would bring shame/embarrassment to their family. They might not want to deal with it. Let us not be like many choicers that put their head in the sand. After all, many choicers still cannot grasp the fact that forced abortions are happening at all. No matter what the motives were for them to put it on the air, it brings a good topic for discussion on the whole issue of forced abortion, which in my opinion gets totally neglected.

Anonymous said...

If the female child in your care becomes pregnant, she's already shown her immaturity, her inability to make good sound choices. If that's due to the parent/guardian/adults fault for not raising the child to know what birth control is, and how it works, they are as much at fault at anything.

However, this pregnant female child sure as heck should not be bringing a life into this world, and save us that tired old babble about putting the baby up for adoption.

People who keep repeating that retarded statement have no idea of the number of people of assorted ages are in the adoption/orphanage system in this country.

I'm just saying...

Cecilia Brown said...

I think you missed the point. The point was on FORCED ABORTION. In the show the teenager is a child of doctors and they were upset because they taught about birth control and she still ended up pregnant. The daughter did not want an abortion she wanted to have the baby. In my eyes forced abortion is the same as abuse. Forced abortion is not choice.

As far as the number of children in foster care.... it would be a lot less if gays and lesbians could adopt. There are many loving LGBT individuals who would be willing to adopt these children. However society won't let us especially here in Florida. I would put my parenting skills up against any heterosexual parent any day. To say we are unfit just because we are gay is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cecilia, thank you sharing this article. Luckily, in New Mexico, LGBT individuals and couples can adopt. I attended a walk for Care Net and there were LGBT couples and individuals walking proudly with their adopted children. In NM, LGBT parents can petition for visitation of children should the couple split. They have the same access to their children as anyone else. Care Net provides alternatives to abortion. It is important to find loving homes for the children of mothers who choose life and choose to not keep their children.