Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is your peaceful prolife speach in jeopordy?

Life News posted on their website and article titled Obama Admin Targets Pro-Lifers in FBI Training Forum With Pro-Abortion Orgs. It is a very interesting article that anyone who is involved with side walk counseling, demonstrating or picketing a clinic should be very interested in. To read the full article check out Among the materials passed out was a list of Prolife Groups and their web addresses. PLAGAL was among the list.

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(SR71)Atomica said...

Quite frankly, it is plain to see that our freedom of speech is in a state of emergency. This is but one of the latest examples of that. Add to that the "Fairness Doctrine" (which ALSO would negatively impact pro-life speech and commentary in the media) and "Net Neutrality" (which could ALSO negatively impact pro-life speech on the internet) as well as public officials who have openly called for censoring innocent people, like Ms Kagan on the US Supreme Court and Mr Schumer in the US Senate, and you have a maelstrom of horrors awaiting the common man and the common woman, in an Orwellian nightmare not unlike those seen in specific governments of the past which we need not name.