Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opportunity to make your voice heard

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,
As you know HRC takes a pro-choice stance when it comes to the issue of abortion. The HRC has even hired leadership that has worked for organizations that support abortion on demand. PLAGAL believes that this is counter productive to the LGBT fight for equality. In the past HRC has refused to support a candidate who is supportive of LGBT equality but happened to be pro-life.

We have an opportunity for pro-life LGBT voices to be heard. The HRC is doing a survey at this time. Please take the opportunity to take the survey and in the comments box please let your voice be heard. Let them know that they HRC cannot claim to represent all LGBT people when they chose to take a pro-choice stance. Ask them to become neutral on the issue of abortion.

The survey can be found at

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Cecilia Brown

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