Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Capital Pride, facebook and more

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL, PLAGAL will once again have a booth at Capital Pride and we are in need of volunteers. Many volunteers make the event more enjoyable because everyone has the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the festivities. The basic responsibilities of our volunteers will be to answer questions, pass out brochures and be a pro-life presence that is nontraditional. The annual Capital Pride Festival will take place on historic Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, in front of our national capitol on Sunday, June 10, 2012 from 11am – 6pm. If you are able to give an hour or two of your time please contact Jackie at We have not updated our website as often as we would like but we do keep the PLAGAL facebook very active. We now have 626 likes. It is a diverse group and has many lively discussions as well as information of the activities of PLAGAL. If you are part of facebook check us out. We are listed as PLAGAL- PROLIFE ALLIANCE OF GAYS AND LESBIANS PLAGAL now has a page at Prolifebook is a powerful internet networking tool for Pro-life people and organizations. The idea is to unify the prolife movement. While we are still putting info on the page it you can view it at PLAGAL is a 100% volunteer organization. We rely on our volunteers to keep our organization going. If you have special talents that you feel will be beneficial to us drop us a line at . We are always in need of volunteers to keep us up to date on the latest prolife and lgbt info by state that is relevant to PLAGAL’s mission as well as writers, graphic design, people who can update the website, speakers, coordinators for local events just to name some opportunities for volunteers. PLAGAL membership is $20.00 and can be paid by going online at scroll down to the bottom and click the Donate now link. Your membership helps PLAGAL to pay operating costs as well as special events and Pride. Please consider joining today. Of course a donation without membership is also accepted. Yours in Life Cecilia Brown President

Monday, February 20, 2012

Opportunity to participate in Consistant Life Conference

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,

We have an opportunity to participate in the Consistent Life 25th Anniversary Conference that is held on March 9-11 in Chevey Chase Maryland. We are looking for PLAGAL members who are willing to participate in the conference as well as to help run a booth of our materials. PLAGAL is willing to pay for the conference fee and meals and housing if needed for a limited number of individuals.

For the latest brochure about the event visit

For the tenetive schedule of the event

This wonderful opportunity to meet with nontraditional prolifers and present PLAGAL to others. Time is of the essence. Please if you are interested in this opportunity please contact Cecilia at 352-680-1153 or email her at

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Komen to Stop Grants to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz |

Just wanted to let everyone know about the great news. It seems that Komen is stopping grants to PP. The official statement from Komen is as follows:

At Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the women we serve are our highest priority in everything we do. Last year, we invested $98 million in community health programs, which included 700,000 mammograms. Additionally, we began an initiative to further strengthen our grants program to be even more outcomes-driven and to allow for even greater investments in programs that directly serve women. We also implemented more stringent eligibility and performance criteria to support these strategies. While it is regrettable when changes in priorities and policies affect any of our grantees, such as a longstanding partner like Planned Parenthood, we must continue to evolve to best meet the needs of the women we serve and most fully advance our mission.
It is critical to underscore that the women we serve in communities remain our priority. We are working directly with Komen Affiliates to ensure there is no interruption or gaps in services for women who need breast health screening and services.

To read the full article from

ACTION: Contact Komen for the Cure to thank it for stopping grants to Planned Parenthood at


Sunday, January 22, 2012

March for Life 2012

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,

Sorry for this late update about the March for Life. Both Jackie and I have been diligent on trying to put together a PLAGAL contingency for the March. Unfortunatly due to circumstances out of our control neither Jackie or I am able to attend the March. I have attached information on other groups that are friendly to PLAGAL and are willing to have PLAGAL members march with them.

Consistent Life

Meet up with us between 11:30 and noon in front of the Sculpture Garden on Constitution Ave. NW near 7th St. Archives is the nearest Metro station. After noon, we will head towards the rally site. If you miss us, you can try calling 301-943-6406 or 570-817-1952, but such large events sometimes overwhelm the cell phone system. After the rally, we will march to the Supreme Court with the rest of the crowd. You can let us know you plan to join the contingent by emailing

CL will hold an open-house style gathering both during and after the Rock for Life Rally at St. Aloysius Church, 19 I (letter I) St NW. Call the above phone numbers or just follow us there!

Secular Pro-Life

Monday, January 23: All are welcome to march under the Secular Pro-Life banner in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. We will meet at 399 Pennsylvania Avenue (near the intersection with 4th St. NW) at 1:00 p.m. Look for our bright blue banner, which says "For the embryology textbook tells me so."

For those who attend the March for Life please go to our facebook page and share pictures and or your experience.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opportunity to make your voice heard

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,
As you know HRC takes a pro-choice stance when it comes to the issue of abortion. The HRC has even hired leadership that has worked for organizations that support abortion on demand. PLAGAL believes that this is counter productive to the LGBT fight for equality. In the past HRC has refused to support a candidate who is supportive of LGBT equality but happened to be pro-life.

We have an opportunity for pro-life LGBT voices to be heard. The HRC is doing a survey at this time. Please take the opportunity to take the survey and in the comments box please let your voice be heard. Let them know that they HRC cannot claim to represent all LGBT people when they chose to take a pro-choice stance. Ask them to become neutral on the issue of abortion.

The survey can be found at

Also don't forget to check us out on Facebook.

Cecilia Brown

Friday, January 21, 2011

March for Life January 24, 2011

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,

Due to issues out of our control neither Jackie nor I will be able to lead the PLAGAL contingency at the March for Life this year. Our annual meeting will be postponed until June around the time of Capital Pride. I have included information from allied pro-life groups whom gladly will accept our members to march along with them.

Cecilia Brown

Consistent Life Contingent

Meet up with the Consistent Life contingent between 11:30 and noon in front of the Sculpture Garden on Constitution Ave. NW near 7th St. Archives is the nearest Metro station. After noon, we will head towards the rally site. If you miss us, you can try calling 301-943-6406, but such large events sometimes overwhelm the cell phone system. After the rally, we will march to the Supreme Court with the rest of the crowd. You can let us know you plan to join the contingent by emailing or, for Facebook members, signing up at the CL contingent event page.

Consistent Life- After the March

After the March, you are invited to join us in the Cory Conference Room at William Penn House, 515 E. Capitol St. SE, just a few blocks east of the Supreme Court. There will be a labeled buzzer for you to ring to be let in. We expect people to drift in, so be patient if you're on the early side. We have reserved the room from 2:30 PM to 7 PM. We will use this opportunity to get to know each other and to share experiences and ideas informally. We are suggesting a “core time” of 3:30-5:30, in which we hope to include discussion of local/area organizing and actions (both general ideas for implementation anywhere and steps to take in the DC metropolitan area). We probably will either order in some food or go out to eat together at some point. All those who support or who are curious about the consistent life ethic are welcome. We hope to have people participating from several CL member groups. You can let us know you plan to join the contingent by emailing or, for Facebook members, signing up at the gathering event page.

Note: William Penn House also has limited hostel-type accommodations. Check their Web site if interested in inexpensive lodging while in Washington.
Democrats for Life
Democrats for Life of America is holding a roundtable discussion from 10 AM to Noon at the Holiday Inn Washington-Capitol, 550 C St. SW. Cost is $25.


On Saturday, we'll be ditching the computers and hitting the streets of DC, engaging the residents of our nation's capital in pro-life outreach. If you are interested in joining us, please email will be having a meetup Saturday night at 10:30 pm at T.G.I. Friday's. The address is 2100 Pennsylvania Ave NW (at 21st St) and is just two blocks from the Foggy Bottom/GWU metro station. The meetup is open to anyone, but please let Phil know beforehand so we can have a rough estimate of how many people are coming.

For Monday's march, we will be meeting up at 12:00 pm on the north side of Constitution Ave NW, between 3rd and 4th st. We will have a banner and signs. If you plan to be there, email ahead of time, and we'll send you a phone number just in case you have any trouble finding us.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cecilia to represent PLAGAL on 98.3 Valaraiso

Cecilia to represent PLAGAL this morning at 9:20 cst on WVLP-LP
98.3 Valparaiso with other nontraditional Pro-lifers on the topic of debunking myths and stereotypes of Pro-Life people and the Pro-Life Movement. Listen live at