Thursday, December 18, 2008

Study: Lesbian teens at higher pregnancy risk

When I was young I knew I was different than everyone else. The only thing I ever heard when I was growing up was how “queers were *&%#*& perverts”. I spent my time trying to pretend I was someone else, straight. As a result I ended up not with just one unintended pregnancy but two. One ending in abortion that almost ruined my life and the other the birth of my daughter. Because of this experience I have become active in the pro life movement and have gone on to become president of PLAGAL- The Pro life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians. I share my story of how homophobia led me to pregnancy, abortion and how I came to the pro life movement to college campuses across the United States and parts of Canada. I have always known that pregnancy in the LGBT community was more wide spread because when I share my story many come forward to share theirs. For most of these individuals the only alternative to dealing with unplanned pregnancies that was ever mentioned was abortion. Abortion causes another bad can of worms to be opened up. If sexuality were discussed in homes and in school for what it really was, suffering of so many would be eliminated. Finally I discover that someone else has been looking at the issue other than myself and has published their findings. To read the article that appeared in just click on the link below.


Marysia said...

Would it be OK if I cross-posted this at Nonviolent Choice?
Thank you!

Deanna said...


This is so fascinating and disturbing to me. I am so glad you shared this info. I honestly had a conversation the other day with someone who said to me that they didn't think there were any issues with unplanned pregnancies and homosexuals. And it seemed logical. On the other hand, this article also makes so much sense..Thanks for sharing...I cannot wait to chat with you ...hopefully next week..