Sunday, January 22, 2012

March for Life 2012

Dear Members and Friends of PLAGAL,

Sorry for this late update about the March for Life. Both Jackie and I have been diligent on trying to put together a PLAGAL contingency for the March. Unfortunatly due to circumstances out of our control neither Jackie or I am able to attend the March. I have attached information on other groups that are friendly to PLAGAL and are willing to have PLAGAL members march with them.

Consistent Life

Meet up with us between 11:30 and noon in front of the Sculpture Garden on Constitution Ave. NW near 7th St. Archives is the nearest Metro station. After noon, we will head towards the rally site. If you miss us, you can try calling 301-943-6406 or 570-817-1952, but such large events sometimes overwhelm the cell phone system. After the rally, we will march to the Supreme Court with the rest of the crowd. You can let us know you plan to join the contingent by emailing

CL will hold an open-house style gathering both during and after the Rock for Life Rally at St. Aloysius Church, 19 I (letter I) St NW. Call the above phone numbers or just follow us there!

Secular Pro-Life

Monday, January 23: All are welcome to march under the Secular Pro-Life banner in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. We will meet at 399 Pennsylvania Avenue (near the intersection with 4th St. NW) at 1:00 p.m. Look for our bright blue banner, which says "For the embryology textbook tells me so."

For those who attend the March for Life please go to our facebook page and share pictures and or your experience.


Melissa said...

So how did it go???

rox said...

I am so happy to find Your blog ! I'm going to share it with others ☺
Thanks ♥

Cecilia Brown said...

I did get feedback from a few PLAGAL people that went. They said it was wonderful. They marched with groups they rode on the bus with.

Thanks Rox!

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for how brave you are and how wonderful it is that you stand for Life. It's hard to stand up for what's right when most of the people who stand with you don't like part of who you are.